Script Slideshow

Adding the Slideshow widget

  1. Sign in to your netAdventist website.
  2. Select the Dashboard link at the bottom of the homepage.
  3. Select the Website Pages tab at the top of the page.
  4. By default you are taking to the Homepage preview screen. If you wish to add the Slideshow widget to the homepage select the Edit link at the top of the page. If you plan to put the Slideshow widget on a different content page, go to Content Pages in the left navigation bar and select it, then select the Publish drop down folder. Either select an existing content page by selecting the Edit button or create a new Content page.
  5. To add the slideshow widget to your homepage or to a Content page, scroll to the bottom of the edit screen and select the Change link for Widgets from Page Properties.
  6. A message pops up stating: Your content will be saved and you will be directed to change your widgets and templates. When you are finished you will be returned here. Select the ok button.
  7. A page is displayed showing the current template layout. At the top of the page you have two choices in white called Layouts and Widgets. Select the Widgets tab to display the widget select page.
  8. Choose a widget container to place your widget in. Note: Widget containers are different widths depending on where they are situated on the template. If you images for your slideshow have a greater width than the widget container, your images will display outside of the widget container and may cover other content displayed. Most sidebar widgets are approximately 200-250 pixels in width and Banner containers are around 860 to 1000 pixels.
  9. Select the Click Here to Add Widgets link in one of the containers. A window will pop up.
  10. Choose Slideshow from the list by checking the check box then select the Add Widget button at the top of the container. If you don’t see the Slideshow widget in the list, you will need to add the extension to your website by going to Settings, then Extensions and then Activate the Slideshow extension by selecting the link. Once done, return to Widget edit and add the widget. Note: You have the ability to move widgets between containers, however, you must have a widget in the container first before you can move one from another container.
  11. Once the slideshow widget is added to a container. Select the link Slideshow in the widget to edit or add a new slideshow.
  12. A window will pop up called Customize the Slideshow Widget allowing you to create a new slideshow or edit an existing one from the list.
  13. Select the link to Create a New One to add a new Slideshow.
  14. Next, select the Add a Slideshow button on the slideshow index page.
  15. In the window that pops up. Give your new Slideshow a name and select Add Slideshow to save it. You are taken to the Slideshow settings page
  16. Set your display type, interval, and dimensions. Note: You will be able set your images to fit the dimensions entered here. Choose dimensions that fit the widget container you are using.  If the images don’t fit completely into the widget, you will have to start over with a smaller width dimension and re-upload your images to make them fit in the uploader window. The recommendation is to try one image first and test how it fits in the widget or banner space on your theme and adjust accordingly before adding the rest.
  17. When entering dimensions, width and height, you can preview the actual size by selecting the How Big is That? link. This is a helpful tool if you are unsure of the width and height ratio for your images.
  18. Once you have set your slideshow criteria, select the Next button to move the slideshow images tab upload images.
  19. To add new images, select the Add an Image link.
  20. Select the browse button to upload image files. A chooser window will open so you can select your images. Note: You can choose existing files by selecting the Images in Library tab. However, if your images don’t fit within the dimensions you set in your slideshow, you won’t be able to use them. If you choose to upload photo before creating a slideshow or using them in an existing slideshow, your images will need to fit within the dimensions used in the slideshow.
  21. Select an image to upload and select the Upload button.
  22. After the image is uploaded, select the image to crop it to fit within your slideshow dimensions. Note: you can hover your mouse over the image and adjust what part of the image you wish to show. You can not resize an image just crop it and select what portion you wish to show. Then select the Save Cropped Image button. This will save your image the size of the dimensions set in slideshow settings.
  23. You are taken to the Images in Library tab. Notice that your image you just cropped has the dimensions of your slideshow and there’s a check box next to it. Also notice that images that don’t fit into your slideshow dimensions don’t have the check box.
  24. If you have more than one image to upload, select the Upload an Image tab and upload another image. Repeat until all your images are uploaded.
  25. Once finished saving a cropped image, select all the checkboxes for all the images you wish to show in your slideshow. Note: Sometimes your images are not cropped to fit into your slideshow. Usually this because your images you are trying to upload have dimensions that are two large. If this happens adjust the size of the image smaller then re-upload the image and crop it again. If this fails, you will need to adjust your image to the same dimensions as your Slideshow. Or, set the pixel ratio of your slideshow to the same as the image. When the image ratio is the same as the slideshow, you will skip the crop function and the file will upload into the Slideshow image  library correctly. You can delete unwanted images by going to the File Library and select the Slideshow Images folder and removing them.
  26. Select the Insert button.
  27. You are taken to a screen where you can adjust the order of your images by dragging and dropping them, you can also Edit each image by adding a title, link and a description that will appear on the photo in the upper left corner.
  28. When finished editing your slideshow images select the Save button
  29. You are returned to the Slideshow index page. Click Add to a template to put the new slide show into a widget (if you have more than one slideshow). To view your slide show, go to the top left of the dashboard and select the View Site link. This will take you to the home page in another tab or window. View the slideshow on the homepage or go to the content page where the template is that you placed your widget on and view it there.
  30. If you need to make any changes, go back to the tab or window where the slideshow index is displayed and repeat the slideshow creation process by editing your slideshow and/or its images.
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